June 2017 Instagram Recap

Last Month At Insta By Destei Dogs

Last month I finally got active on Instagram. @desteidogs will mainly be photos of my own dogs, B & D, so if you are looking to see cute dog pictures, welcome to join us there too!

Here is a short overview of what happened in June, 2017:


20 Years Of Dog

"Out of all the days in the year, we have wear these goofy hats on our birthday?" ;D
Thanks for being good sports girls!

Recently my dogs celebrated their birthdays. If you combine their ages together now, it makes a whopping 20 years of dog and that's pretty crazy to me! The years go by so unbelievably fast!


A Walk In The Wetlands

I had my camera with me on one of our most recent walks, so I thought I would post some photos here in the blog too. Our walk took place at a nature reserve that consists of a lot of forest and wetlands. The weather was about 15°C, cloudy and very windy, especially around the open swamp areas.

I love nature, so this kind of walks that happen in deep woods are so relaxing and healing to my soul. We got to enjoy nice scenery, listen to birds and watch butterflies during our walk. I'm no bird expert, but after some research I suspect we heard the singing of a Common cuckoo and an Europian golden plover at least.