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Fresh New Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Products

Yorkie Products By Destei Dogs

Who doesn't love the cute little Yorkie breed dogs? I have just added some fresh new product types featuring my blue and tan Yorkshire Terrier dog design. Have you always wanted a personalized Yorkie pillow to take naps on? How about welcoming people to your home with a personalized Yorkie doormat? Well, you can find these and more products in my Yorkshire Terrier dog section.

Featured Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed Products

This square Yorkie pillow adds cuteness to any space! The pillow has an easy to personalize text area for your own name, your dog's name or any other text. Maybe you want to it say "I love Yorkies!"? Make it yours!

Write your thoughts and doodles or anything else on this cute Yorkie notebook. The cover has a personalizable text area for the title of your notebook and you can choose the inside paper design from numerous options. The paper designs include wide ruled lines, graph lines, sketch paper and more.

Do you prefer leggings over jeans? I know I do! You can now sport these adorable Yorkie leggings in your daily life. I have made the leggings asymmetrical to create an interesting look. The dog is placed on one leg and it's surrounded by some paw prints. If black isn't your color, use the design tool to change the background color of the leggings to any other color you would like!

If you have a Yorkie in your life, why not get him this cute dog bed featuring his very own name! This dog bed has washable covers with a zipper, so you can easily take it off and wash when needed.


New Welsh Corgi Products

Are you a Corgi lover or do you know someone who is? I have recently updated the product selection featuring my cute cartoon illustrated Welsh Corgi designs. You can now shop adorable Corgi beach towels, pillowcases, pens, notebooks, iPhone cases, doormats and more! Many of these products come with an easy to personalize text area where you can write either your own name or your pet's name, for example, to make the product that much more unique to you!

Cuddle up in this cute fawn Pembroke Welsh Corgi fleece blanket to get warm on these cold autumn evenings. The blanket has an easy to personalize text area for a name whether your own, your pet's or maybe you just want it to say "I love Corgis!". Make it yours!


Dog Theme Beach Towels Have Arrived

Destei Dogs now offers cute and personalizable dog theme beach towels! Get a unique towel featuring dog bones, paw prints and more in various color options!


Purple Viola Flower Dog Supplies

To keep up with the floral theme for this years' summer dog supply designs (previous flower desings include Frangipanis and Daisies), I have yet another flower design to mention and it is this purple Viola. Maybe your dog shares a name with this flower or your favorite color is purple? If so, then this design set is perfect for you. You can get a whole matching set including a Viola dog collar, leash, pet identity tag, dog bed, bandana and a pet food bowl.


Ladybug Dog Products With Personalized Touch

With summer comes blooming flowers and sunshine which most of us look forward to, but with the nice warm weather there also comes insects and they might not be the favorite thing about the season for everyone. While some bugs can be scary and bothersome (ticks, anyone?), there are also those insects that are seen useful and possibly even cute. In this case I mean ladybugs. If you are a fan of summer and ladybugs, then this line of cute red ladybug dog supplies might be perfect for you and your dog.

The collar, leash, bandana, placemat and pet tag are all personalizable. It is easy to write your pet's name on the product thanks to the text template I have created. Make a truly unique and personal item both you and your pooch will love!