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Purple Viola Flower Dog Supplies

Viola Flower 2017 Summer Design Line Dog Supplies By DesteiDogs.com

To keep up with the floral theme for this years' summer dog supply designs (previous flower desings include Frangipanis and Daisies), I have yet another flower design to mention and it is this purple Viola. Maybe your dog shares a name with this flower or your favorite color is purple? If so, then this design set is perfect for you. You can get a whole matching set including a Viola dog collar, leash, pet identity tag, dog bed, bandana and a pet food bowl.

Make it personal

You can personalize the Viola dog collar, leash, pet tag and bandana with your pet's own name.

Viola Flower Dog Supplies
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Destei's Viola Flower Summer 2017 Designs On Dog Supplies

Ladybug Dog Products With Personalized Touch

With summer comes blooming flowers and sunshine which most of us look forward to, but with the nice warm weather there also comes insects and they might not be the favorite thing about the season for everyone. While some bugs can be scary and bothersome (ticks, anyone?), there are also those insects that are seen useful and possibly even cute. In this case I mean ladybugs. If you are a fan of summer and ladybugs, then this line of cute red ladybug dog supplies might be perfect for you and your dog.

The collar, leash, bandana, placemat and pet tag are all personalizable. It is easy to write your pet's name on the product thanks to the text template I have created. Make a truly unique and personal item both you and your pooch will love!


Summery Daisy Flower Dog Supplies That You Can Personalize

Who doesn't love daisies? I have recently launched my new 2017 summer designs for dog supplies and I, of course, had to add some daisy flower designs in the mix. You can choose your daisy flower products from the pre-made green or pink color schemes or you can easily personalize the background color to any other color you would like! To do this, just click the customize button on the product page and select your background color of choice on the right. Many of the products also come with personalizable name areas so you can have your pet's own name on them.

If you love daisies, take a look at these new daisy dog collars, leashes, pet tags, dog beds, bandanas and placemats. See all the available products below:


Personalizable Strawberry And Watermelon Dog Supplies

When I think about summer some of the things that come to my mind are definitely strawberries and watermelons. This is why my new 2017 summer designs feature these delicious fruits as well. You can now get your dog strawberry and watermelon themed dog collars, dog leashes, pet tags and more. Add a personalized touch on these items by writing your pet's own name on them!

Did you know that most dogs can eat (in moderation) strawberries (not the leaves or stem though) and watermelon (seedless and no rind) too? My own dogs love watermelon especially and who wouldn't? It's a very refreshing treat to enjoy on a hot summer day.


Tropical Frangipani Flower Dog Supplies

Summer is here and for it I have launched several new summery designs on dog supplies! First let's take a look at these tropical frangipani plumeria flower designs that come in white / blue and pink color schemes.

You can now get your dog a lovely frangipani dog collar, leash, pet tag, placemat, bandana or dog bed. I created many of the products with possibility for personalization so that you can easily write your pet's own name on them to make the items extra special.