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About Destei Dogs

Destei Dogs About Me

Hello and warm welcome to Destei Dogs!
I'm O, a graphic designer and a pet owner. In short, Destei Dogs is a place where these two passions of mine meet.

Destei Dogs has a store that offers dog owners and other animal lovers a place to shop my cute pet artwork on merchandise. The site also has a dog blog where I write about my own dogs, share shop news and generally talk about all things dogs. You can also browse my pet name lists for inspiration, download free dog related printables and more. If you love dogs, take a look around the site and make finds!

About the store
Destei Dogs Products

Destei Dogs store offers fellow dog owners and other animal lovers a place to shop my cute pet artwork on various products. You can find dog breed specific T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, pillows and numerous other products. There are also cute items for cat, horse and bird lovers available. For pets I have designed stylish dog supplies including dog collars, leashes, ID-tags, food bowls, beds and more. Many of the products are customizable which means that you can, for example, write your pet's own name on the items making them truly personal!

About the products

Desteidogs.com displays products that I have designed on third party print on demand companies' platforms. While I create the artwork and place it on the products, these print on demand companies handle everything else from manufacturing and payment to shipping and returns. This allows for me to purely focus on designing while being able to offer a wide range of products to customers.

About the artist and Destei the company

I live in Sweden with my boyfriend and our pets. I have been drawing ever since I knew how to hold a pen. I used to do pencil portraits from where I moved to digital art and illustrations. When I'm not drawing new designs, I'm most likely at the gym, outdoors with my dogs or taking photos of them. I'm an animal lover who especially loves dogs. I think that dogs are amazing creatures with their happy outlook on life, their drive to learn new things and their pure love for anyone around them. Over the years dogs have taught me a lot, they make me laugh daily with their silly antics and I simply love their overall take on life.

Destei is my sole trader graphic design company. I specialize in cute pet art illustrations, patterns and numerous other graphic designs that I place on purchasable products on third party print on demand companies' platforms. Desteidogs.com was born to house all of my pet products in one place.

About my pack
Destei Dogs My Pets

Currently my pack includes two dogs and a cat. You can follow my pets via:

Blog - My dogs

Instagram @desteidogs

My pets are the biggest inspiration for all that is Destei Dogs and I'm grateful to able to say that I truly love what I do. I hope that my artwork will bring you as much joy as it does to me when I create it.

Thank you for visiting DesteiDogs.com!