Each product is printed once it has been ordered, so the product preview images are often digitally created mockups.

Desteidogs.com uses digital product mockup images for illustrative purposes to show how Destei artwork could look on a product, but they are not the final product. The final physical product may look different to the images seen on this website.

The final product may differ from the mockup product image presented on Desteidogs.com due to many variables such as, but not limited to, printing technique, different product type or model, different design placement, different design size, changes in colors, differently designed background for the product etc.

Some product preview image mockups were made using our own mockup files or mockup files that are licensed to us. Some product preview images come from the third party print on demand companies’ platforms where Destei has designed products at.

Beside mockup images, Desteidogs.com may also display photographs of actual finished products.

Please also notice that different monitors may show colors differently.