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Shop Destei’s cute Coton de Tulear dog breed illustration on a variety of products. The items are made to order by print on demand companies. Learn more?

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About the design

Shop Destei’s cute white Coton de Tulear dog breed design on numerous products such as T-shirts, hoodies, pillows, bags, mugs, phone cases and more. The design features a cute white dog standing and looking towards the viewer. The dog has medium length coat and a he has a kind face expression. The dog’s tail is fluffy and it is curved over the dog’s back. This design is available in white coat color with black eyes.

The background design may vary depending on the store and/or product.

About the products

The products are made to order by print on demand companies. When you click a shop link, you will be directed to said print on demand company’s website from where you can make the purchase. Learn more?